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  1. I think limitedusecommand needs a handy tool that can initialize command limits. For example, I think that an option to set the time so that the same command can be applied only once in 24 hours, or an option to initialize the limit manually is necessary. Example 1) essential tool - limitedusecommand reset Example 2) limitresettime="24" limitresettime="48" (hours) limitresettime="0" no reset Currently we have to modify the database to use that command again. Otherwise, have to create a new command again.
  2. heroiz

    reload CalcCharacter settings

    You can load that file with common reload.
  3. heroiz

    Release S

    As a result of additional testing, in the case of overlapping items, only the first works, and second overlapping items are purchased with Zen.
  4. heroiz


    It doesn't work. Please open it again. The encoding of the Lang file is ANSI, and all other messages in the Lang file are output normally. If the Default Language is changed to Korean, there is a problem that the message of 792 is not output normally and other messages are not output. So, the default is written in English, and the message is changed to Korean and is being used.
  5. heroiz


    yes this doesn't work
  6. heroiz

    Release S

    There is a typo in 5. darkness xcept for attack speed reduction, all debuff reduction effects are not applied.
  7. heroiz

    Release S

    As a result of testing again today, 14 40 potion is obtained as a +15 item, and it is calculated as the same amount even if overlap is increased.
  8. heroiz

    Release S

    As a result of additional testing, there is only a problem with the application of some items and the number of exc options.
  9. heroiz

    Release S2

    @Wizzy That issue has been resolved. No issues have been found so far.
  10. heroiz

    Release S2

    Updated database. It works fine.?
  11. heroiz

    Release S

    I was mistaken. When I change langbase to english, it works normally. Only korean has an encoding problem, and it is not output when changing langbase to korean. Please close this as it is the same problem as the previous bug report.
  12. 1. Can only be purchased once per hour about specific item set 1~24 (hour) 2. Only one purchase per account
  13. I have a question about how to use the forum. not move the bug trackers you created earlier? I'm wondering if the bugtracker I wrote earlier still exists, should I rewrite it?
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