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  1. [NEW] EventBag/ChaosCard/Shop/CashShop Editor: support s18 ep1.3 Artifact Option [ADD->FILE] 'Data\ArtifactOption.xml' [ADD->FILE] 'Data\ArtifactSystem.xml' [MOD->FILE] General: updated Data files upto latest server files version (Not part of the auto-update process, must update manually)
  2. [FIX] (UI) Support displaying non-ascii languages (Chinese/Japanese/Korean/Thai/Hebrew) from MonsterList.xml [IMPROVEMENT] (UI) Some changes on MonsterSpawn panel
  3. [FIX] Item Editor: artifact option value may be incorrect in some cases [ADD->FILE] 'Data\ArtifactSystem.xml'
  4. Bigman

    Suggestions on EssentialTools

    added in v18.1.3.0
  5. Bigman


    🔥NEW🔥 Edit MonsterSpawn Mode (*Unlimited saves*) [IMPROVEMENT] (Editor) Faster loading times [IMPROVEMENT] (UI) Higher quality 3D Object preview [FIX] (UI) Scroll button on panel too small in same cases [FIX] (Editor) Unable to load some BMD files [FIX] (Graphics) Shadows not rendering on High quality settings
  6. the image is PNG with transparent background already
  7. Bigman


    [NEW] (Editor) Handling of roof objects with option to hide on hover (also support for specifying roof object from external file) [NEW] (UI) Camera properties (position, rotation) can be set via UI (Editor Options) [IMPROVEMENT] (Graphics) Shadow rendering improvement and fixes [IMPROVEMENT] (UI) Map loading panel UI current map label is automatically selected when panel opens [FIX] (UI) "Browse" button in Export panel is not enabled in some cases [FIX] (Graphics) Transparent materials look darker [FIX] (Graphics) Visual issue with grass in some maps [FIX] (Editor) Possible rare issue with terrain height (v3) [FIX] (Editor) Unable to export maps
  8. Bigman


    IGC.LauncherPremium v1.10.1.16 [MOD] In case IGCLauncherOption.ini file does not exist (first time launcher opens) the default Realm Server and Database ID will be the first configured Realm server configured in Settings file (previously defaulted to 0) IGC.LauncherServer v1.4.0.4 [FIX] Possible crash on startup in case configured database is unreachable
  9. Bigman


    [NEW] (Editor) Visualize object's light settings https://prnt.sc/Dv0Gp9O6IMam [NEW] (Editor) Option to automatically adjust object's height when modifying terrain height https://prnt.sc/J4iYCQoC6gB1 [IMPROVEMENT] (UI) Ability to scroll spawned objects list with arrow keys (up/down) [IMPROVEMENT] (UI) Export tokens associated with your licenses are displayed in "Export" panel https://prnt.sc/IX7iGZnlDDyF [MOD] (UI) Sunlight and Shadows toggle has been moved to Editor Options panel [MOD] (Editor) When selecting multiple objects, the last selected object's settings will be displayed in UI [FIX] (UI) Brush panel closes when 3D spawn tool is opened [FIX] (Graphics) Shadow rendering of some textures types [FIX] (Graphics) Some texture OZT files display with black pixels which suppose to be transparent [FIX] (Graphics) Sunlight/Effect light does not property distribute light onto object's or ground [FIX] (UI) Text output in Folder paths overlaps itself in some cases [FIX] (UI) Object previews are invalid in some cases
  10. Bigman

    [NEW] BMD Editor: Item.bmd (Season 18 Ep.1-1 and newer) [NEW] BMD Editor: ItemSetOption.bmd (Season 18 Ep.1-1 and newer)
  11. Bigman


    [NEW] Editor - Support customizing terrain tile mapping for a world (config/WorldTilesMapping.json) [NEW] Editor - Support customizing world settings (config/WorldSettings.json) [NEW] UI - Option to set camera movement speed ratio (Pan, Rotate, Movement, etc) [NEW] Graphics - Effects system which allows you to assign effects to objects (config/EffectsMapping.json) [NEW] UI - World mouse position label [NEW] UI - Option to enable/disable camera reposition on load [NEW] UI - Option to enable/disable scene grid outline [MOD] UI - Panel is now brought to front (over other panels) when it opens [MOD] Editor - Customizing lorencia objects mapping changed to JSON structure instead of LUA (config/LorenciaObjectsMapping.json) [FIX] Graphics - grass overlapping with transparent textures [FIX] Graphics - Water tiles (layers) do not animate in some cases [FIX] UI - Output/Input directory text gets overlapped in some cases [FIX] Editor - Using the visual gizmo when manipulating object (position) does not fully move the object to the desired position [FIX] Graphics - Some objects looks completely black objects when light value is being set to complete darkness
  12. Bigman

    [FIX] Skill Editor: unable to open editor after server version upgrade [MOD->FILE] General: updated Data files upto latest server files version S2 [MOD->FILE] 'Data\DatabaseSpecification.xml' compatible with server files S2
  13. https://www.igcn.mu/forums/topic/8580-add-more-objects-to-the-editor
  14. Bigman

    [FIX] Account Editor: crash when loading accounts of vip type 0/-1 which are not yet expired [MOD->FILE] General: updated Data files upto latest server files version S2 [MOD->FILE] 'Data\DatabaseSpecification.xml' compatible with server files S2
  15. Bigman

    [NEW] IGCN EventBag Editor (s17 ep2.2 v2): support Illusion Knight class [NEW] IGCN EventBag Editor (s17 ep2.2 v2): support 'PartyOneDropOnly' option [MOD->FILE] General: updated Data files upto latest server files version T3 (Not part of the auto-update process, must update manually)
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