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Community Answers

  1. That's true, i have experienced bug like that before wizzy knows but i thought remaking the system we would be able to change cointype in a safer way. Then we should all stick to custom ruud trade boxes or website transfer ruud features. Dupe now in IGCN files is impossible so we shouldnt be scared to add properly configurated ruud boxes for trading.
  2. Oh i see, i havent updated to latest version yet but i can imagine now that you just need separated dataserver for market server with different cointype.
  3. Just make market server as a sub-server with its own data folder and turn PS coin type to a different one
  4. Currently flag system is one of the most beautiful things in webzen US server, players trading flags like its gold. We would all appreciate if you take some time to implement this system in the igcn files. SD boost aura shield effect is also very beautiful and you can tell if player has that buff. I understand we follow korean game client but we have bunch of other customs, i dont think another custom would hurt us, instead it will make our gameservers unique! I will be praying for this to get real attention! Thank you for reading.
  5. Hi, if it's possible to add a max all button in 3rd/4th/5th tree editor + 5th cards lvl5+active. This will help everyone i believe including you the developers to can easily make max characters and being able to test every aspect of characters skill trees. Right now it takes too long and as time is precious it would be nice to can escape so much time from editing skills to max. Thank you.
  6. johnnyssk

    Add Boss Battle to /eventinfo

    And also the ability to add our own events/invasions timer based on hours/days set by us Exactly just like a website event timer works to make the same for the /eventinfo Please 🙂
  7. Hello , please add separated log folder for anti-flood system , in that way we will just edit the text file with notepad++ to remove all texts except the ips and then block them in firewall with powershell script in an instant without the need to keep the entire log system active and spend a lot of time separating anti flood logs from the big gs log file. AntiFloodLogCreate = 1 AntiFloodPath = .\\ANTI_FLOOD
  8. Restore gameserver anti-flood system at its original introduced state or give us all the anti flood configurations into a .ini file to can put limits our selves like connect server and launcherserver has. Currently the limits set in gameserver anti-flood are very high and during attacks the impact is huge.
  9. johnnyssk

    Extend Reset Command

    Hey @Wizzy , really sorry for the mention, i just wanted to remind you about this reset feature as its really important , players spamming our servers constantly where is the auto reset command ;/
  10. johnnyssk

    Extend Reset Command

    We really need this one and if its possible to can select if VIP users will be able to use it or not. Very needed in 2023 as players have learned from other servers to use this and got comfortable with it. Also the max resets per day suggestion is very needed , please consider these 2 for the next updates.
  11. johnnyssk

    Wings absorb and damage display

    As i said , if your conqueror wings on +15 have 80%absorb/dmg then create 2 new texttooltips like Absorb Damage: 80% and DMG Inc Rate: 80% and add them to the wings tooltip after you remove the previous ones... Very easy and simple fix while you wait for igcn update on this..
  12. @Wizzy Is it possible to add in gameserver a reload button for the season pass to can reload the new periods with out the need to restart the gameserver?
  13. Great! I know its been just few hours from the release but do we have any ETA for the toolkit to support item.bmd and cashshop battlepass vouchers? At the moment i get error when im trying to edit them so we will need an update on the toolkit
  14. johnnyssk

    Wings absorb and damage display

    Even thought i never tried to edit them, i can imagine a simple solution for this to at least have static correct values when +15 . Create the new correct values as new entry in itemtooltiptext and then replace the infoline number in itemtooltip with the old ones.
  15. Hello, since our servers are suffering from auto bots farming resets non stop my suggestion to stop this is to set max resets allowed per 24 hours. Hopefully it can be done.
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