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  1. johnnyssk

    Ruud drop from itembags

    Yes, as said above im aware it can be done with the latest itembag improvements but for example i dont wan't any ruud boxes in my server for security reasons and not having this simple function in itembags is super weird. Im praying for this adjustment to be added in next updates.
  2. johnnyssk

    Ruud drop from itembags

    Im aware of another way to do it but you will still wont get the same result as a box will need to be dropped and not gain the ruud instantly, not to mention the amount of work needs to be done for such a small detail. Its just it doesn't make any sense to me the ruudgain function to act in that weird way. At this moment the itembags only miss this improvement to become perfect.
  3. Hello, i would like to suggest the ruud drop from itembags to be the same as wcoins to drop along with the items. I find this ruud drop only or item very outdated and itembags shouldn't act this way.
  4. Hello , i think the notification plugin for item pick up/pk/respawn notifications should not be in triggering in general post because they hide players post messages and there is no way to hide them. Please change them to be shown at whisper chat so you can hide them or in global message system like monster kill with the possibility to choose color of the notification text. Or maybe develop a command to hide such notifications , just giving an idea. Thank you
  5. Very cool tool. By the way its official that there wont be new seasons coming and s17 is the last upgrade from webzen? Because i see you mentioned that future seasons will be made by community so i was wondering if thats true
  6. Very cool tool. By the way its official that there wont be new seasons coming and s17 is the last upgrade from webzen? Because i see you mentioned that future seasons will be made by community so i was wondering if thats true
  7. johnnyssk

    Anti-Lag Client Add-on Required

    Hello IGCN , the game now with the new guardian pet is unplayable , the pet is just too big for this game, please add hide mounts function in anti-lag plugin. Thank you.
  8. Hello , can we please have a reload button on gameservers that reloads only the CalcCharacter.ini file? There are many times that we need to adjust that file and it reloads only with common reload, doing common reload on live server is not recommended and can crash the gameserver so it would be super useful to have such a reload feature.
  9. Of course , i agree , i just found reason with your post to remind to our developers about this
  10. The antihack potion delay time is bugged as it affects more than potions like skill learning , jewels adding and more features, it is not recommended to have more than 100ms as it will make players think your server is lagging. I reported the bug few months ago and it was suspended, i hope igcn will fix it soon because is critical part of the pvp balance.
  11. Hello. If possible please allow Icewindvalley event to can configurate starting days like arca "<ActiveDay Sun="0" Mon="0" Tue="0" Wed="0" Thu="0" Fri="0" Sat="1" />" Thanks
  12. johnnyssk

    offlevel plugin S17

    The ideal is offlevel to work the same way as muhelper with all its functions as mulgd , i dont know if thats possible in our files tho. If thats not possible then we would love to see more spells from all characters added in offlevel including buffs , a real time attack speed not fixed and an option to allow pick up items that are set up in helper.
  13. Hello , we need more commands that are important like: /evo = makes your char instantly 4th class (this is very important for reset servers) /decstr = decrease stats by using command /shop = opens shop while you are at spot /vault = opens vault while you are at spot /startgift = command that gives you specific configurated items ,once per character I hope you reconsider this for the next updates. Thanks
  14. MU at pc is slowly dying and every year that passes getting players for our servers is getting very complicated and hard thing to achieve , i believe it is a good idea to switch over the android games. As IGCN i believe you are already aware of this and making plans for future , i dont know if you are experienced in android coding but i think if you created this big and complicated server files for a computer game that android coding would be very easy task for you. Please consider developing an android mu online copy like legend mu developers did or emulate the mu origin2 , you will grow very much as company and we customers will be able to make money again. Invest in future!
  15. True ...Yea looks like better option to force them to post so the question stays and feature newbies will read that if they search . Well im covered by this :D is enough reason not to add live chat then. Thanks very much
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