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  1. PVP forced attack shortcut on / off Guild Wars Forced Attack shortcut key on / off is required Guild War Forced Attack when on I like the ability to automatically enter hostile guilds with all guilds. please add to plugin
  2. Commands that force guilds to attack each other Required When Guild A uses commands The ability to forcibly attack all other guilds is required. Korea s8 has been implemented
  3. hugab1

    Anti-Lag Client Add-on Required

    Anti Lag Plugin Can this feature be added? I can't see the armor
  4. Anti-Lag Client Add-on Required You must make other people's armor invisible. Or make it look like Leather armor with low FPS There are a lot of changes in FPS. Please add the function to Anti-Lag Client i will buy it right away
  5. siege Crown time can be set Can't add functions? very much needed
  6. Steal PK Gens Point How to steal points from the same gens Requires auto attack control key Stealing the Gens Point of a dead character who killed anyone I really need the feature
  7. I need the ability to turn on/off the ctrl key for PK This function has been added to the mu-free server file in Korea. You can turn the ctrl key on and off with a shortcut. It's easy to do PK
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