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Community Answers

  1. Lifefrom

    PVP M-key movement limit

    Disable this in PlayerKillSystem.xml PKCanUseMapMove="0"
  2. Add Ability to control how much exc.options add Jewel of Kondar (same like we have on Jewel of Excess) ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;-- A count of excellent options to add by Jewel of Kondar ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kondar_OptCount = X
  3. The idea is to change the drop-down location when the character drops the box (so that the item falls in the cell where the mouse was directed) - Now all items fall exclusively at the feet of the character, which creates a mess and difficulty to pick up the right item when throwing a few boxes. As an alternative, when clicking in the inventory by right-clicking on the box, can make items fall in random order near the character in a circle within 2-3 cells, so at least you can drop 4-5 boxes and only then change the coordinates of the character. For now you need to change character position on each box dropping, to avoid mess and pickup necessary item.
  4. Good idea, but there is also a minus that when a topic is created with a specific question and it gets an answer, this topic is saved and anyone can find this answer in the future, and in the chat they will ask the same questions many times.
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