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Offlevel Improvement

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Some time ago I made a suggestion about offlevel, I don't know if I explained it well, but I want to try it again.

The offlevel is one of the most important features of private servers and the one that gives us the most advantage over GMO, many players currently depend on it and honestly most are dissatisfied with how it works.

It would be of great help if this feature were reworked so it would not work the way it currently works, which is under specific configuration, but would work with the muhelper, just as if it were online.

That means, that the player configures the muhelper with:
- All skills that they want, included buff/debuff etc
- range
- pick of items 
- the real character attack speed not one fixed
etc... everything that allows the mu helper to be configured and when leaving offlevel it works as if it were online with the mu helper, in few words that the configuration of the offlevel can be done by each player in the muhelper.

Currently the offlevel has many problems, which according to the server configuration make it unusable from certain levels and no matter how many changes are made to improve it, it will not be the same as the muhelper and that would be the real goal, that in offlevel the character It will work with the muhelper like mulegends had and mudevs have

I am sure if you release a new offlevel working with muhelper configuration as offlevel renewal I would buy it without thinking twice

Thank you.

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