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  1. dym

    Excess and Kondar additional config

    @Wizzy Can this be done in the future?
  2. dym

    Excess and Kondar additional config

    We need the ability to block the insertion of these jewels into ordinary items that are not excellent or ancient, just regular items like this: I want to use Excess Jewels only on excellent items and block the ability to use them on regular items (non Excl. items).
  3. dym

    Excess and Kondar additional config

    You misunderstood me. Items can come from a store or boxes e.t.c. it doesn't matter. I was just giving an example.
  4. I suggest adding a configuration to prevent these jewel's from being added to regular items dropped by monsters. Something like this: ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ;-- Allow use of Jewel of Kondar and Jewel of Excess with regular items (regular items dropped by monsters), 0/1 ;------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ExcRegularItem = 0 Here is a similar topic, but I didn't fully understand what he is suggesting.
  5. dym

    Jewel of Excess Controls

    If I understood correctly, you want to propose a restriction or permission to add a stone's to regular items that are not excl./anc.? I also wanted to suggest something similar to add to the current system. For me, the possibility of adding a Jewel of Excess to regular items dropped from monsters looks a bit strange.
  6. dym

    Add AllowGiveUp="1" in MuQuest

    For switch to "0" ofc
  7. Iike in GuideQuest it would be great to see this feature also in MuQuest. It looks even more useful there. Just simple <MuQuest AllowGiveUp="1"> , please 🙏
  8. Events/ImperialGuardian/ImperialGuardian_Monster_Info.xml: Events/LabyrinthOfDimension/LabyrinthOfDimension.xml:
  9. Since Labyrinth and Varka are elemental-based events, it would be nice to add multipliers for PentagramDamageMin, PentagramDamageMax, PentagramDefenseRate, PentagramDefense as well.
  10. Everything is working. The formula starts changing the option from +1 level, probably this is your problem. Just raise the level of the artifact in CM
  11. Add a variable that allows assigning a specific drop to a particular monster. MonsterID='77' Example: <Map Number="10" MonsterID='77' SpecialSection="15" Name="Icarus" /> <!-- 2.5 lvl Wing Mix Ingredients - Dark Phoenix Flame --> For all monsters: MonsterID='-1'
  12. It would be great if you could add something like this: MinLevel="1" MaxLevel="1" <Section Id="2" Flag="0" Description="Wing Items" KindA="-1" Type="-1" ReqLevel="-1" MasteryGrade="-1" DropRatio="0.08"> <Item Cat="13" Index="14" MinLevel="0" MaxLevel="0" /> <!-- Loch's Feather --> <Item Cat="13" Index="14" MinLevel="1" MaxLevel="1" /> <!-- Monarch's Crest --> </Section> This would allow setting levels for certain items such as Loch's Feather and others.
  13. It would be great if possibility to use the same types of artifacts / options was added to the config. This would open up wide opportunities for customizing a set of artifacts and make the system more flexible and interesting for the player.
  14. It's just a great idea! But I'm sure IGCN can do even better. What if we remove this hard binding to the party, allow players to enter in an amount of >10 (with the "maxplayer=" config, of course), the system will assign them to different teams, and then they themselves will create the parties they need. So, if you get a team of 8 or 9 players, then it can be a party of 4+4 vs 4+5. This is just a great event that could be really massive, but because of this "2 party only" feature, even on our server with small online, there are problems. There are always more people who want to participate, there are fake registrations with twinks, and because of this, we got constant situations like this. @Wizzyis right of course, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that current system often ruins the event.
  15. dym

    Weekly shedule

    At least for Illusion Temple please.
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